Thursday, January 7, 2010

21st Century Americans

Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world that HAS been handed them rather than to embrace the power within themselves to create a new world or get the old one back – the one we see in the vision of our past.

Impossible is NOT a fact…

…it is an option.

…Something is only impossible because you think it is in a moment in time, an instant that you can move through and beyond all the way to the possible because you willed it so.

Impossible is the opportunity inside a problem or a crisis. It’s what’s behind door # 3.

To achieve the impossible can mean the difference between life and death, success and failure, and sometimes begins with something as simple as deciding – making a choice to put one foot in front of the other toward a common goal – in this case that most uncommon state of affairs in the society of men: Liberty.

Which moment will you live in?

Someday you will realize that the only hallowed ground there is is the little piece of earth you’re standing on right here– that one small portion of earth that is free because you are on it and by you being there today, unwilling to be moved, have already liberated those who will stand here tomorrow.

No one will remember who stole life and liberty from us if we lose it – infamy has a way of receding back into the darkness whence it came. But if we lose this today, if it falls to us, today’s guardians of the nation's character, to be holding the torch when the flame of freedom sputters and dies out, we will be remembered for that and we will be despised through all eternity..

What do YOU want?

…and What is this place?

What was it yesterday and the day before that or a hundred years or two hundred years ago?

What have we earned but the responsibility to pass this nation down to the next generation? And what will you pass down– what are you willing to let be your legacy? Change? Change what?

What got you here wasn’t change…it was constancy and faith and yes, even that most uncommon of virtues, common sense. The gift of freedom is yours by right but only because freemen before you made it so - it does not fall to us to default on the debt we owe both to our past and to the generations of the future.


This is our time, today…at the moment this is still a time for ideas and discussion; it may not be so for much longer. What is the right thing for us to do today?

This is our epic moment and mere good intentions will not be enough to see us through. Courage, boldness, creativity, and the will to win through every problem and setback based on our experience as a free nation is what is expected of us.

This is not a time for arrogance. That is what we expect from the corrupt who have sought to contaminate our legacy. It is for us now a time to prepare for difficulties.

Unfortunately, we have things to relearn in our adversity and we will rediscover in ourselves those who came before us, whose deeds shine forth a ten-fold beacon in the night: the path of Duty, Honor, Country - the by word of every American Soldier.

In these recent months we in the new movement for America have discovered our capacity to form positive alliances of spirit and leadership and the strength of a shared vision for this country.

Pessimism and doubt, the enemy of every soldier and statesman, magnify the discomfort of uncertainties and inhibit advancement especially when we see that the threat comes as much from within as from without.

However, we share an important, worthy goal, and that is the survival of a great idea put into practical application so many years ago in long winters of deprivation and setback, a time when hope seemed itself forlorn and might have been the end of America before it really had a beginning but for the spark that refused to die out. In small victories hard won through nothing more than determination and perseverance, intelligence and the passion to remain free, the mercenary, the professional soldier, not even the traitors in our midst were no match for the citizen soldier who saw beyond himself to a day when he had to be free or he had to die trying.


The approbation of future generations is the only acceptable goal for us today. That, or history will prove us despicable for losing.

Will it be duty fulfilled or duty abandoned? Ask the people of Viet Nam, Cambodia, and Laos that question – when we abandoned that battlefield to the darkness. That is the face of duty unfulfilled, not, however by the soldiers, sailors, airman, Coast Guardsmen, and Marines who fought and died there for freedom, for Viet Nam, and for each other. No, it was men of an entirely different character who abandoned their duty - and their honor, who were responsible for that.

To overcome today precisely because we will face what is necessary today and not give up our fundamental values but instead rededicate ourselves to them - that is the lesson we must pass to our own Posterity. Let it be said of us.