Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Greatest Generation?

The "Greatest Generation"

Elected FDR. 4 times

· He ordered all gold confiscated
· Subverted the Republic with socialist programs and powerful agencies
· Maneuvered us into WW II
· Admired the efficiency of Mussolini and the strength of Stalin
· created a Ponzi-style "social security" system which is bankrupt and threatening to bankrupt us all

The "Greatest Generation" has controlled Congress, the Supreme Court, and the White House up to and including the Clinton Administration, the government that eviscerated the Constitution, made void the Bill of Rights, and continued its love of socialism with
Medicare, Medicaid, and prescription drug coverage, farm subsidies, and affirmative action.

The "Greatest Generation" gave us LBJ’s "Great Society" a $5 Trillion …and counting…disaster that paid successive generations of poor mothers to have more and more babies, ensuring the growth of a permanent underclass based on race.

The "Greatest Generation"

Stood by while "public" education made the Christian God unwelcome, separated our children from their own history, and fosters illiteracy and ignorance.

The "Greatest Generation" defeated Nazism while it made the world safe for communism and then sent their sons to die fighting communists in limited wars which they, the "Greatest Generation," had no intention of winning, in Korea and Vietnam.

The “Greatest Generation”

Gave our atomic secrets away and then ensured an insanity they called Mutually Assured Destruction.’

Put a man on the moon and then discontinued the very programs that led to this massive technological achievement, knowing that our enemies would make significant gains in that science we shared with them.

The "Greatest Generation" sent hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign aid to regimes that subjugate their own people, practice terrorism, and armed those who have made war with us.

The "Greatest Generation"

Legislated policies that contributed to a $5 trillion dollar national debt, trade deficits that continually grow, devalued the dollar to less than 5% of its value in the generations that preceded theirs, and helped mold a new generation of collectivist bureaucrats who take us ever closer towards the Orwellian nightmare:

The "Greatest Generation" made Ruby Ridge, Idaho, and Waco, Texas, monuments to the arrogance of evil and national shame which we must now claim as our new identity: the reality of state-sponsored domestic terrorism.

· Hitler - ‘Fatherland,’
· Russia - ‘Motherland’
· USA - ‘Homeland’

Active participation in gassing the freedoms and liberty defended by them in the war that made them great may be the true monument of the "Greatest Generation.”

The "Greatest Generation" was victorious in WW II, yet, they” proved the adage that evil will triumph when good men do nothing to oppose it.

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