Friday, November 7, 2008

The Sentinel At the Gates

The Sentinel At the Gates
By Alumni et Patriae Asto John Puzzo ©2002

Without them Standing Sentinel, as ever must they be,
Without them Standing Sentinel, none could live free.

I know they're all still out there, together evermore
From the Continental Army,

Or maybe it was long before
When the 1st American casualty fell on these now ancient shores.

They wore tri corner hats, coonskin caps and kepis,
And wide brimmed Western cowboy hats, helmets and berets.

But no matter what they wore,
They belong to us.
It is from us they came.

Through distant mists of time and place,
They’ve gone to stand and wait.

To the Sentinel at the Gates.

One day He will welcome me.
For I once was one of them,
And Privileged that to be,
A soldier for my country,
Is the best ever said of me.

Father, son, husband, brother,
Important things these are,
But to stand with men of Honor,
Is a better thing by far.

For without such men of honor,
Ready to give their most,
What father, son, or brother,
Would be left with any hope,

That there would be one more tomorrow
For this Nation proud?

Lest more like these we find, fit my Country for a shroud.

Yes there they all are waiting, all together now,
From every war and conflict, shot and shell they found.

At peace, eternal wait they now,
On holy, hallowed ground.

How can we ever thank them, these selfless angels past?

Unless we dedicate our every waking moment
To the Sentinels at the Gate, ‘thanks’ is but a trifling thing.

For there they stand awaiting,
Watching what we do.

Will we let slip away what they loved so well?

Their measure full of Honored Duty,
Will we so cheaply sell?

Yes there they all stand waiting,
All together now,
They know another stands at ready
He will show them how.

And the Sentinel waits to welcome him,
as once they all were called:

“Brother, home my brother,
See your name upon the wall.
You have done what was your duty.
The load you proudly bare is left for them to carry,
Those others yet over there.
So take your place beside us, hang your cap upon this tree,
And wait not long You Sentinel,
In time you too will see
Another coming to these gates,
That others may live free.”

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