Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How To WIn At War

The Old Ranger: How to Win at War:

“Thorough, Fierce, Courageous and Totally Dedicated; No quit in us; “Can’t” is not a word in our vocabulary. Leadership by example is based on merit, unquestioned devotion to Christian ethics and intolerance of misdeeds. Soldiers, families, and Militia must rely on mutual trust and accountability. Commanders at all levels are expected to have their troops ready for battle at all times, must constantly demonstrate loyalty to their subordinates as well as to their own commanders, and above all, lead to the mission: There is no substitute for victory.”


1. Deception
2. Confidence
3. Exploitation of Strength (Your own) and Weakness (the Enemy’s)


1. Action
2. Speed
3. 3Ambush

III. Psychology of Terror in Battle

1. Mystify
2. Mislead
3. Surprise

IV. Keep the enemy off balance

1. Distract and Dislocate

V. Fifth Column: the Spy and the Saboteur

1. Subvert: Beliefs, Values, Mores, At Home of Enemy

2. Undermine and Erode Confidence on the battlefield, in the camp of the enemy, and at his homefires.

VI. Emphasize maneuver, NOT Defense. Fight the enemy on his ground not yours.

VII. Use your opponents strength against him

VII. Emphasize the Goal, NOT the Victory.

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