Monday, November 17, 2008

Socialism, Communism, and Genocide


Communist Revolution and its totalitarian worship of the 'the Party' and demand for obediance or death is the greatest purveor of evil the world has known. In the early years of the Bolshevik revolution and consolodation of power in Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, and the attempt to establish it in Spain in the 1930's, the true nature of collectivism is shown whether it is called socialism or communism or under whatever misnomer, it is evil that rules 'the party' and inspires a bloddletting without comparison.

Everywhere they make first for the clergy which has claim to the belief patterns of the target nation and the intellectuals who can challenge them with thought and reason, for reason and common sense must be suspended for anyone to desire an arbitratry authority over themselves and their nation.

Of all revolutionary systems, which throughout human history have been devised for the destruction of our civilized values, Communism is without doubt the most perfected, most efficient and most merciless.

In fact it represents the most advanced epoch of the world revolution, in whose postulates it therefore not only acts to destroy a definite political, social, economic or moral institution, but also simultaneously to declare null and void the Church as well as all cultural and Christian manifestations which represent our civilization.

All revolutionary currents have attacked Christianity in its different aspects with particular one-mindedness.

Communism, spawned from this same revolutionary stream of thought, seeks to banish Christianity for the purpose of causing it to vanish from the face of the earth, without even the slightest trace remaining.

The destructive fury of this satanic striving, which brings before the eyes of the world the most terrible pictures of terror and destruction which are possible to imagine, can only be based on the essence of Nihilism as the prelude to revolution, the most evil, hate-filled rejection of everything hitherto existing.

For otherwise, one would not be able to understand the indescribable insanity of its criminal acts and the spirit of destruction, of annihilation, of insult, of contradiction and of resistance by its leading personalities against everything free, and the fundamental features not only of Christianity but of religion in general.

The purpose of Communism, as we have seen in Russia and in the other lands where it has been introduced, is to enslave the people in their economic, political, social, and spiritual sense in order to make possible a minority rule through violence. From an international aspect, the goal cannot be clearer:

“To attain through violence world domination by an insignificant minority, which destroys the rest of humanity by means of materialism, terror and, if necessary, by death, completely indifferent to whether in the process the enormous majority of the population must be murdered.”

The urge to murder, which has characterised the leading Soviet personages and their satellites, is known well throughout the world. There are few, who upon learning of the bloody purges, which have been undertaken by the Marxists in Russia, will not be seized by shudders of horror. One needs only to recall a few details to fill the most stout hearts with fear and alarm.

“In its beginnings the Red Terror strove above all to exterminate the Russian Intelligentsia.” As proof of this assertion S.P. Melgunow affirms the following, in which he refers to the “Special Committees”, which appeared in Russia in the first period of the Social revolution and in similar form in every other revolutionized nation:

“The special committees are not organs of law, but of merciless extermination according to the decisions of the Communist Central Committee. The special committee is neither a commission of investigation nor a court of justice, but itself determines its own powers. It is an instrument of battle, which acts on the internal front of the civil war. It does not pardon whoever stands on the other side of the barricades, but kills them.

“It is not difficult to form ideas of how in reality this extermination proceeds, when in place of the nullified legal code only the revolutionary experience and conscience command. This conscience is subjective and experience allows complete free play to the will, which always, according to the position of the judge, takes on more or less furious forms.”

“Let us not carry on war against individual persons” – wrote Latsis – “but let us exterminate the Bourgeoisie as a class. Do not investigate, through study of documents and proofs, what the accused has done in words and deeds against the Soviet authority. The first question to be placed before him runs as to what class he belongs to, what is his origin, his education, his training and his profession.” This is exactly what befell the Cambodians after the Khmer Rouge came to poewer.

During the bloody dictatorship of Lenin, the Committee of Investigation under Rohrberg (Rohrberg, C.), which after the capture of Kiev entered this city with the White volunteers in August 1919, reported the following:

“The entire concrete floor of the large garage (this was the place where the provincial Cheka of Kiev had carried out executions) was swimming in blood, which did not flow but formed a layer of several inches; it was a grisly mixture of blood with brain and skull fragments, as well as strands of hair and other human remains. The entire walls, holed by thousands of bullets, were spattered with blood, and fragments of brain as well as head skin adhered to them.

“A drain ditch of 25 cm width and 25 cm deep and about 10 m long ran from the middle of the garage to a nearby room, where there was a subterranean outlet pipe. This drain ditch was filled to the top with blood.

“Usually, immediately after the massacre, the corpses were removed in lorries or horse-drawn wagons from the city and buried in a mass grave.

In the corner of a garden we came upon an older mass grave, which contained about 80 corpses, in which we discovered signs of the most varied and unimaginable cruelties and mutilation.

There were corpses from which the entrails had been removed; others had different limbs amputated and others again were cut into pieces. Some had had the eyes poked out, while the head, the face, the neck and the torso were covered with deep wounds. Further on we found a corpse with an axe in the breast, while others had no tongues. In a corner of the mass grave we discovered many legs and arms severed from the trunk.”

The enormous number of corpses, which have already been laid to the account of Communist Socialism and which increase terrifyingly all the while, will perhaps never be exactly known, but it exceeds everything imaginable. It is not possible to learn the exact number of the victims. All estimates lie below the real figure.”

In the Edinburgh newspaper “The Scotsman” of 7th November, 1923, Professor Sarolea gave the following figures in detailed description of how pervasive this evil machine was in carrying out its directive. You must ask yourselves, what kind of human being would carry out these crimes in such large scale?:

“28 Bishops; 1,219 priests; 6,000 Professors and teachers; 9,000 doctors; 54,000 Officers; 260,000 soldiers; 70,000 Policemen; 12,950 estate owners; 355,250 intellectuals and of the free professions; 193,290 tradesman and 215,000 peasants.”

The Information Committee of Denikin on the Bolshevistic intrigue during the years 1918-1919 records in a treatise about the Red Terror in these two years “one million, seven hundred thousand victims.” In the “Roul” of 3rd August 1923, Kommin makes the following observation:

“During the winter of 1920 there existed in the USSR, 52 governments with 52 Special Committees (Chekas), 52 Special Departments and 52 revolutionary courts. Besides countless subsidiary Chekas, transport-networks, courts on the railways as well as troops for internal security, there were mobile courts, which were dispatched to enforce mass executions in the places concerned.”

To this list of courts of torture must be added the special departments, i.e., 16 army and divisional courts. All in all one must there existed 1000's of torture chambers in which individual victims met deviates of the worst order. If it is borne in mind that at that time district committees also existed in addition, then the number rises further. In addition the number of governments of the USSR increased. Siberia, the Crimea and the Far East were conquered. The number of Chekas grew in geometrical ratio.

According to Soviet data (in the year 1920 when the terror had still not ebbed and the reporting of news was not restricted) it is possible to establish an average figure for every court; the curve of executions rises from one to fifty (in the great cities) and up to one hundred in the regions recently conquered by the Red Army.

The crisis of terror was periodic and then ceased; in this manner one can daily estimate the (modest) figure of five victims..., which, multiplied with the thousand courts, gives a result of five thousand, and thus for the year roughly one and a half million.

We recall this indescribable slaughter, not because in its totality it was either the most numerous or the most merciless to arise from the special situation and inflamed passions consequent on the first victories of the Bolshevist revolution, but because today, many years after these mass executions took place, all this might otherwise be obliterated from the present Communist picture, even for the persons who were contemporaries of the events and who today, if still alive, have forgotten those tragedies with the ease with which people forget not only unpleasant events which do not directly concern them, but even those to which they fell victim.

Unhappily, time has shown a truly demonic excess of Communism in its murderous activity. The monstrous statistics are known to all and several of these cruel bloodbaths have taken place recently and even continue in the conquered nations of Laos, Cambodia, and Viet Nam where the hill tribesman, Montagnard, and remnants of free Lao hide in the jungles, hunted like animals. One may hear today the lament of the persecuted, the death-rattle of the dying, and the terrible and haunting complaint of the corpses.

It may suffice to recall the giant bloodbaths in Hungary, Poland, East Germany and Cuba as well as the earlier mass killings by Stalin, the forced starvation of 5 million Ukranians, and the annihilation of millions of Chinese through the Communist regime of Mao-Tse-Tung and the millions more in the so called, 'Cultural Revolution' strewn with corpses.

But also the Communist attempts at revolution, which failed to achieve lasting permanence, such as that of Bela Kun who occupied Hungary in such a brutal way in the middle of 1919; of Spain in 1936, where the Bolsheviks gained control of Madrid and parts of the Spanish provinces and murdered 12 Bishops and more than 16,000 priests, monks and nuns; further the happily unsuccessful attempt in Germany, and in the Red Republic of Bavaria in the year 1919. All these attempts were orgies of torture and death in the manner of 1918 and which had bloodletting and unrestrained bestiality perpetrated on innocent victims.

This Apocalyptic storm, which brings a flood of corpses, blood and tears, and finally the peace of the cell, the shackle, and the grave falls upon the world with the sole goal: to destroy not only the Church but the entire Christian civilisation.

Before this shattering picture the world asks itself with heavy heart: who can hate our Christian features in such a form and try to destroy them with such Godless fury? Who has become capable of instigating this bloody mechanics of annihilation? Who can with such insensitivity direct and order this monstrous criminal process? And reality answers us completely without doubt that the [Bolshevik] are those responsible...

They now add to their rank of haters of all things Western and Christian, the Islamic Jihad. Together, with one goal, destruction of America, they need not be allies in the traditional sense.


Independent Conservative Thinking said...

Thank you for your common sense, my friend. I am a member of the guardian of the world's only hope for freedom, the U.S. Armed Forces, on active duty. I share your sentiments as I watch all that we strive for being destroyed and wasted away without a thought to the price willingly paid to achieve sacred freedom, and the resulting domination over the souls of men that results from over-powerful factions of "the party." Thanks for your entries on this blog site.

Rob Taylor
Sub-Saharan Africa


We need to be awake to the evil that was and is communism.
even down here in Indoesia, there are media trying to whitewash the PKI Communists who lost their coup attempt in 1965.
Read our expat conservative blog, Ross's Right Angle