Friday, November 28, 2008

Obama and the New Cold War

America's Greatest Generation made the world safe for Communism, ushered in the Cold War, and started shooting wars in places like Korea and Viet Nam where they had no intention of winning.

Only eight days after Truman removed him from command of US Forces there, General MacArthur had this to say about Korea:

"The tragedy of Korea is further heightened by the fact that its military action is confined to its territorial limits. It condemns that nation, which it is our purpose to save, to suffer the devastating impact of full naval and air bombardment while the enemy's sanctuaries are fully protected from such attack and devastation. Of the nations of the world, Korea alone, up to now, is the sole one which has risked its all against communism." Farewell address to a Joint Session of Congress (1951-04-19) (MPEG audio)

Less than a generation later, the question of 'the enemy's sanctuaries' condemned another nation...Viet Nam, with sanctuaries in Laos and Cambodia that gave the Communist all that he could hope for to refit, replenish, and reanimate himself for new depradations against the population of South Viet Nam.

What will repeat itself next?

In 1963 and after much preparation, Nikita "We will bury you" Khrushchev tested President Kennedy with 'the Cuban Missile Crisis' and brought the world close to a nuclear war. To coin a phrase, 'Obama is no Kennedy' and his ability to create an administration worthy of the United States of America is questionable - across the board.

Putin and Medvedev will put everything on the line and waste no time doing so. Putin is a chess master and his opening moves at chess are characteristically strong.

So he sent Medvedev to trash the Monroe Doctrine last week. Before giving Venezuela's Chavez the tour on a Russian nuclear warship (November 2008) Russian 'president' Medvedev met with Chavez's leftist allies, including 'presidents' Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, Evo Morales of Bolivia and Rafael Correa of Ecuador. He met with Castro in Cuba the next day...Cozy. All of the tablecloths were red...

This is not mere posturing.

Putin, like most serious Americans, doubts '57 -State" Obama's abilities and like most of us it is likely that he holds Obama in utter contempt. Putin is gonna Bitch-slap Barrack Obama 'til he owns him like a ho. That'd be fine with me except that there are 20,000 Russian nuclear warheads pointed at us, not to mention the proxy states of North Korea, and Cuba, China, Venezuela, and Vietnam...not exactly our friends.

By the way, where are all of those Russian Submarines at the moment?

And what wasn't on the jumbo screen in 1963 is radical, fundamentalist Islam, hater of al things American. Except for the leftist bombings that killed Americans in the 60's (250 bombs set between September 1969 and May 1979, and they allied themeselves to a foriegn power (North Viet Nam.) and 70's, only Islam has practised more deliberate death and destruction against America.

We have no equal and we have no friends.

What we have is a Commander in Chief who is duck out of the water.

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