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Hillary Clinton and the Black Panthers: Shows her Subversive Roots

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Hillary Clinton and the eternal truths that define her: Every time she lies, her thighs grow larger, she was a radical activist while at Yale Law School, and she remains a left wing radical even in her aspiration to be president of the United States. Shudder the thought.

On January 28, 2008, Hillary returned to Connecticut where she went to Yale Law school, worked with the Black Panthers, the ACLU, and later interned with a communist lawyer (not Bill), met Bill, and began her aspirations to become the evil queen.

She came here on a campaign stop. Not so curiously, this episode of her life, which would have figured prominently in any honest press account, was omitted. The local press reported that she spoke fondly of her days at Yale, where I was a student three years after the events described below. Even Jane Fonda, 'Hanoi Jane' for those of you in Rio Linda, made an appearance in New Haven to ‘support’ the Black Panthers who were on trial for the torture murder of fellow Panther, Alex Rackley in May, 1969.

The present Connecticut Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal, spoke admiringly (politics and strange bedfellows) as he introduced Hillary yesterday to Connecticut at 'the Learning Corridor,' the NEA's local fortified castle. "I admire and respect her as the most experienced and able candidate who will be ready to lead from day one, particularly on economic issues that are so profoundly significant today," Blumenthal said.

Blumenthal’s connection to the 1969 Black Panther murder trial is unknown, but he was there at the time (...and he was Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Law Journal) when members of his Yale Law School class volunteered their services for 'the defense.' Most prominent among these was Hillary Rodham (Clinton). Linked as we are to the past, an unwillingness to remember unhappy events and embarrassing episodes in our history does nothing for our future. A keynote of the 1969 Black Panther platform was a call for killing whites, especially white leaders and police, facts that gave many contemporary State Attorneys’ General headaches.

Throughout most of her life Hillary Clinton has supported Marxist groups such as the Black Panthers and the ACLU, the ‘vanguard of revolution’ called forth by Lenin himself. The Black Panthers were openly allied with communist movements around the world and held a place of affection in the heart of Fidel Castro. A keynote of the Panther platform was a call for killing whites, especially white leaders and police.

On May 20, 1969, Black Panther Party founder and national chairman Bobby Seale spoke at Yale University, having been invited there by campus revolutionaries. The next day, Alex Rackley, a New York Black Panther who had allegedly come under suspicion of being an informer, was kidnapped, tortured, and killed in the wetlands of Middlefield, Connecticut, his body dumped into the Coginchaug River.

Rackley’s body was found with his wrists tied, a noose made from a wire coat hanger around his neck, and had extensive burns on wide areas of his torso, wrists, buttocks, thighs, and right shoulder from the boiling water that was poured over him. According to the confession of one of the torturers, he had also been beaten with a club around his face, groin, and lumbar region and stabbed with an ice pick. Rackley was killed by several shots to the head according to the testimony of one of the shooters.

National Panther ‘field marshal,’ George W. Sams, whose nickname was, ‘Crazy George,’ was the prime suspect in Rackley’s death. George was

"...the ugliest bastard I’d ever seen...talking crazy, his eyes deep, beet red . . .stunk like ten dogs, " testimony of Frances Carter, who was arrested (but later released) for Rackley’s murder.

‘Crazy George’ gave testimony that he killed Rackley on orders from Seale, who had been in New Haven to speak the day before the murder.

Seale was arrested and went to trial in New Haven, accused of ordering Rackley’s murder with the words, “Do away with him.” Along with other Yale law students, Hillary volunteered to ‘monitor’ the trial for the American Civil Liberties Union

At their peak, the Panthers had around 5,000 committed members in 20 chapters but an estimated twelve thousand Panthers and supporters showed up in New Haven who were housed and fed by community organizations and Yale students in their dormitories.

Showing their appreciation to the Yalies, left wing terrorist bombers exploded two devices in the Yale hockey rink. Connecticut National Guard tanks ringed the city and Guardsmen, bayonets affixed to their weapons, patrolled the streets. They had been issued live ammunition.

‘Insight’ magazine, relying on primary and other firsthand sources, back the contention that Hillary was a campus leader during the Panther protests with direct involvement with the ACLU. In this capacity, as reported by author Joseph Farah, she assisted Seales' lawyer, Charles Garry, identified under oath as a member of the Communist Party (CPUSA), “who in turn worked with Robert Treuhaft, longtime attorney for the CPUSA and a frequent defender of the Panthers in their ongoing violent confrontations with authorities…”

“The fact is that the Panthers were torturers and murderers of black people,” said David Horowitz, himself a former Panther supporter and 60’s radical. “And Hillary Clinton and Bill Lann Lee (later appointed to a top federal post during by Bill Clinton) organized…demonstrations to get them off…[they were] a bunch of revolutionary law students who were trying to obstruct justice; that’s what it was about. A guy was tortured and murdered; the government was trying people for the crime.… The Panther leaders who were on trial all thought it was okay to torture and murder somebody. That’s what Hillary Clinton was defending…” [see:]

“Was Hillary was a “revolutionary”? Horowitz says that “the people she was with at the time were communists.… These people didn’t want civil rights, they wanted a Soviet state. We all knew it. She knew it. This was the communist left, the New Left, the hate-America left.” Citation:; citation referenced January 26, 2008.

After she graduated Yale Law Sdhool, Hillary moved to Oakland, California, where she went to work for a communist attorney. “Treuhaft and his wife, celebrity writer Jessica Mitford, were by Mitford’s sworn account hard-line Stalinist communists…The House Committee on Un-American Activities listed Treuhaft as one of the most “dangerously subversive” lawyers in the country. Hillary biographer David Brock quotes a historian’s assessment of Treuhaft as “a man who dedicated his entire legal career to advancing the agenda of the Soviet Communist Party and the KGB…As an established radical student leader dating to her days at Wellesley College, with additional credentials and connections developed in the Panther episode and other protests at Yale, Hillary won an internship with Treuhaft in Berkeley, Calif., the nerve center of the revolutionary left, where Treuhaft was known fondly as “The Red Lawyer.”

“Treuhaft’s associate in cases involving the Panthers was Jack Palladino, who ran an investigative agency in partnership with his wife, former Students for a Democratic Society organizer Sandra Sutherland. Palladino, surfaces again in the Clinton story when he was called upon to silence “bimbo eruptions” in the early days of presidential campaigning.” op cit:

After the trial, Hillary co-edited (with Dick Blumenthal?) the commemorative issue of ‘Yale Review’ celebrating the Panthers. It was “laced with cartoons of police officers depicted as pigs, including one who was decapitated and dismembered:”; citation referenced January 26, 2008.

Speaking decades later, Seale remembered the day, "Our guns were loaded. [and, quoting revolutionary guru, Franz Fanon] “You are a revolutionary 24 hours a day.”; (citation referenced January 26, 2008)

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