Monday, November 24, 2008

Resist the Beautiful Hell

Resist the Beautiful Hell

The Roman: In Omnia Paratus"...will not be filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered. My life is my own. I will retain the ancient traditions of my faith, race, and culture, my individuality and particulars, and try as any man whose reputation is to endure must, to make the world relevant to principles and ideals rather than to accept the vague and increasingly shallow values of this world."

Sardonic, terse, intense; in slow, simmering anger The Roman vows unceasing defiance to the makers of treason and revolution and sounds the tocsin that the nation must now accept that it lives on an intellectual battlefield from which there can be only one victor.

Through the control of information at all levels the world is imposing on American Society mind control, thought transfer, psychological torture, and brainwashing, procedures that authoritarian governments make use of in either open or closed societies.

Whether it is dark, grey, and authoritarian as described by George Orwell or voluntary and submissive as proscribed by Aldus Huxley, in the end, the choice is to live free or as slaves.For The Roman there is no choice.

The peace of the cell, the shackle, and the grave is no peace at all.

Therefore, the role of every individual American is to resist an increasingly oppressing society, the ‘prison in the open’ that crushes independent spirits slowly and insidiously with the help of relentless, propagandizing 'experts,' talking heads, educators and 'facilitators' who debase and continually subvert Christian populations to ever lower societal, moral, and cultural standards.

The more dumbed-down citizens become the more readily they believe every calculated misinformation.

Separate a people from their history and they are more easily turned. The bureaucrats and administrators in public education have done exactly that.

The candidacy of Barack Hussein Obama is a prime example of just how effective these methods have been. An informed electorate, in full possession of its identity as Americans could not have supported an individual whose core values are so far removed from the national character of America.

Today, adherence to the Principles of our Founders is both reactionary and counter-revolutionary.

The Revolution in America, as put forth by a handful of well placed subversives like William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn supported by a two party, one idea mockery of Republican government, has succeeded.

It remains to be seen what will ascend from the ashes. We will either caw with crows and shriek with buzzards for eternity, or we can bring back the eagles and songbirds.

Hidden microphones and intrusive cameras record activity and conversation and banks of computers store, monitor, and analyze everything according to what you buy, read, consume, and do or not do. Surveillance is constant. Big Brother is everywhere, even in your head.

Information is processed and produced for the masses but it is intended to be consumed by individuals. All of it is personal.

News and information appeals first to the individual’s emotions: Need, greed, status or non-status, by use of personal identifiers that define self-image and self-worth, motivate and shape personality and a once free people are filed, stamped, indexed, and numbered.

In an abundant society Greed comes before Need because everyone but the stupid or insane has food, shelter, and a place to procreate. Keep the dogs hungry and they will fight over the smallest bone.

Create classes of victims, preach resentment, and re-classify opportunity into opportunism and they will scrap and scrape and bow for crumbs.

Today, information of all types is language impoverished, increasingly devoid of complex ideas and deceptive of its true purposes - it is the socialist/utilitarian voice of revolution that hawks veiled euphemisms and existentialist nonsense in place of tried and true paradigms of rights AND responsibilities, right AND wrong, justice, and Biblical Truth vs the Lie of Satan.

Enslavement of the heart, mind, and soul will follow those who purchase these perversions and make them their own.

It is tempting to give in and settle for crumbs and a quiet life in the beautiful hell.Have none of it. Refuse to cooperate. Resist whenever possible.

When not possible to resist openly, retreat into anonymity, raise your families, find ways to prosper and live to fight another day.

But fight. Never quit and never cease to be vigilant against these forces that every minute of every day will try to own you and MORTGAGE your Posterity for eternity. We are witness today of 'bailout' stratagems that will ultimately separate your children and grandchildren from their national inheritance. Full of hubris, this is the blatant, arrogant application of Hegelian doctrine: those that caused the problems have the solutions to the very catastrophes they have created.

Escape the temptation accept it or to give in.

Work unceasingly to unmask the powers that run the 'Village' in this dramatic struggle, which is as old as man's deception in the Garden.Remember, Adam ate the forbidden fruit willingly, notwithstanding the fact that his trusted soul mate offered it to him after her own deception. Adam trusted fallible 'man' (Eve) forsaking infallible God the Father.

Learn to express yourself with clarity of thought. Be patient with ideas, balanced in your assessments, and suspect all forms of communication that do not operate in this way for deceivers are manipulators of all forms of communication: "By their fruit ye shall Know them…"

Take note of the inherent character of the players - the heroes, villains, and bystanders and in the full motivation of their actions. Then you will unmask them and know them for who and what they are.

Tell the truth.

Tell it, though the heavens may fall.

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